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Scripture in the Morning #208

Scripture in the Morning #208
Good Morning:

So… Is the Bible primarily about us and our Salvation?

Again, for your consideration…

There are two ways to read the Bible. The one way to read the Bible is that it’s basically about us and our salvation. This is however, in my opinion, a self-serving and self-deifying manner in which to read the Scriptures. In fact, many churches will define as essential doctrines only those doctrines that center upon “What we need to know for salvation.” All other doctrines are, in this mindset, less important. This again, is predicated upon the notion that our salvation is the centerpiece of the Scriptures.

The second way to read the Scriptures is to see it as our Triune God’s glory revealed with the life of Jesus as the most concrete way for us to see God’s awesome nature. In this, the Bible is not so much about what we must do in order to make ourselves right with God – in fact, there is nothing we can do to make ourselves right with God! Rather, the Bible is all about who God is and why He is praiseworthy. Among many things the Scriptures reveal about God, salvation by grace because of what Christ has accomplished is a focal point – among many focal points. That said, so much exists in the Word that is not at all about God saving us – and in these sections of the Bible, we see His glory as well. Every Word of the Bible is worthy of our total attention – for there our creator speaks of Himself and of how He has chosen to relate to us.

So… the Bible is God’s revelation of Himself. It is about our Triune God. It is so, so, so much more than merely saving us.

Romans 11:36 For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be glory forever. Amen.

May the glory of Lord and contemplating His greatness be a feature for each of us this day. May we praise Him not simply for what He has done for us – and also for who He is.

Have a great weekend.

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